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17 Jun 2024

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ADS-B Proximity Receiver


* Designed for OEM applications.
* Receiver outputs decoded messages with aircraft data.
  Including Hex,Alt,Lat,Lon,Signal Strength, etc.
* Raw data directly from receiver.
  Time stamped to 25ns (using 64 Bit timer), for Hi-Precision Multilateration (MLat).
* SSRx Receiver uses advanced signal processing
   (12bit 40Mhz ADC,FPGA and dedicated DSP).
* Size only 130mm x 81mm x 30mm.
* No external power supply required.
* USB connection, up to 3 M Baud
* Device drivers available for Windows (both 32 Bit and 64 Bit) XP,VISTA,WIn 7,
   Win 8,Apple MAC, Linux.
* CE Approved.

We can develop custom versions of this ADS-B receiver or design new products to your requirements.


Please contact us with details of your requirements and your company details.

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