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18 Jul 2024

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ADS-B / Airband Aviation Server

The Aurora SSR /ADS-B Server combines and stores data from multiple SSRx ADS-B Receivers and Airband receivers for both data logging and remote data collection.

Features :
* Support for up to 6 SSRx Receivers.
* Support for multiple Airband Receivers
   with live streaming of Audio.
* Network Time Server (NTP).
* Support for MYSql / PostgreSQL
* Available in Rack / Desktop /
   Embeded (Fanless) system.
* Optional support for Marine AIS / DSC /
   Radio equipment.
* Optional radio direction finder (RDF) for
   airband and marine receivers.

Aurora SSRx ADS-B Receiver

Dell Server

This is a custom product and is tailored to customers diverse requirements.

Please contact us with details of your requirements and your company details.

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