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The Aurora Virtual Radar 3D is compatible with Flags, Logos and Outline file format used by both SBS-1 and Radarbox.

Aurora Eurotech Main web site

Country Flags / Operator Logos / Aircraft Icons
Bones Aviation Page
Operator Logos and lots of useful aviation information.
IK Silhouettes
Peter Forkes Logos
Logos by Mark Coles
SBS Flags by Andrew Hay
Bones Aviation Page
Forums and news groups
Yahoo! Groups - Mode_S
Yahoo! Groups - COAA planeplotter
French Yahoo! Groups - PlanePlotter-ModeS
PPRuNe Forums (The Professional Pilots Rumour Network)
COAA Planeplotter
Gatwick Aviation Society
AERODATA - Aviation Databases
Virtual Radar Websites
Virtual Radar Explained
By Mike Richards, G4WNC

Mike Richards Website
PlanePlotter User Guide PlanePlotter User Guide
By Lionel K Anderson MSc.

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